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The thought of selling your home yourself may be a little scary if you have never done it before. But the truth is... no one can sell your home like you can. No one knows all the love you have put into your house to make it that special place that someone else will want to call home. You can tell the buyers how you and your husband walk the neighborhood trails every evening after dinner, or about the great neighbors whom you will miss when you move, or stories about the fun family pool parties at the clubhouse, or the recent house hopping to sample food and wines. These are just a few things, but you get the picture. These are special things you can tell potential buyers that will help them to visualize themselves living in your home and community.

You will also have the advantage of answering all questions a buyer may have about your home. An agent would not be able to answer unique or personal questions from a buyer. An agent will only have a page or two of info about your home at his fingers, all of which can be found in a real estate flyer.

But the most important advantage to selling your home yourself is that you have the control! You never will have the feeling that your agent is neglecting you and not working hard enough to sell your home. Anyone who has worked with a realtor before knows that exact feeling... like you are just one of many houses that your agent has and that you are not important enough. And you find yourself counting down the days until your contract is up!

Is FSBO right for you? A successful FSBO will depend on several factors...

  • The amount of free time you have available to show your home is important. If you are always traveling or work evenings and weekends, you may not be available to show your home at the times that are convenient for buyers.
  • Location! Location! Location! We all hear this and it couldn't be more true. The location of your home/property is very significant. Some locations are so desirable that you can put a sign in your yard and get multiple offers the first week. Other locations may be a much harder sell and almost impossible to find the right buyer on your own.
  • Children, pets and other distractions: Will you be able to take off your "Mom hat" and put on your "Sales hat" while showing your home and answering buyer's questions or will you be distracted by a crying baby or children fighting over the remote?
  • Do you have acceptable "people skills"? Let's face it... not everyone is cut out for this. When I was ready to take the leap from renter to homeowner, I had an appointment to view an old fixer-upper that was being sold FSBO. When I arrived for my scheduled showing, the person didn't have a shirt on, didn't know anything about the house and was far too eager to show me the creepy basement. I was convinced that I needed to run (not walk) out of there! I noticed the house had a Realtor's sign in the yard about a month later.

So in some circumstances, selling your home yourself may not be the best idea and using a Real Estate Agent would be a better choice to help you sell your home faster.

But in many cases, it just makes sense to sell your home yourself! If you decide to sell your home yourself, congratulations! You will find that there are many advantages and rewards by going this route. You don't have to re-invent the wheel though, there are many tools already available to you. Take a little time to read info from the Internet, pick up a "How to FSBO" book, and talk to friends and family members who have sold their homes FSBO to see how their FSBO experiences went.

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