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Marketing your home For Sale by Owner


Effective advertising can make the difference in selling your home quickly or not attracting any buyers at all. Good marketing might not sell your home, but it will make the phone ring and bring buyers to your doorstep.

For Sale by Owner yard signs

The big red FSBO signs are the best. Everyone easily recognizes this sign. Some FSBO companies have their own signs. At a glance, buyers may mistake them for a real estate agency sign. For highest visibility, use the big red for sale by owner signs.

Directional signs

Place these at the end of major streets. Use several if you live on a low-traffic street. Write your address on the signs with a permanent marker so people can find your house easily (and to avoid possible theft of your signs).

Flyer box and flyers

It's very important to have real estate flyers on your sign. When you upload your listing information, click on the "Print Flyer" button on your listing. Post your flyers on the bulletin at your work, supermarket, university, library, gym, etc... Many homes have been sold with this simple effort. Your buyer will be glad you did it too.

Internet Marketing

Take advantage of the Internet. Since 2005, 40% of real estate sold was located on the Internet and each year, this statistic gets higher. is a great start - it's effective and very affordable. Take advantage of all online FSBO websites.

Advertise your home on the Top FSBO Websites:

Also advertise on local FSBO websites in your city/state as well as specialty FSBO websites such as

Newspaper ads

Print ads are usually expensive, but it can be an effective tool in selling your real estate.


The Realtor's MLS has always been the real estate agent's magic weapon. It can be a very expensive, but you too can list your home on the MLS. Your MLS listing can be seen real estate agents all across the U.S. With MLS advertising programs, if a buyer's agent finds a buyer for your home, you will pay the buyer's agent a commission which is usually around 3% of the sale price of your home. But you will not pay a listing agent commission. However, if you find your own buyer without the assistance of a Realtor, YOU WILL OWE NO COMMISSIONS!

Bulletin Boards

Post your flyer on every bulletin board you know of - Grocery store, your job, universities, library, your church and gym.

Open House

Instead of showing your home each time someone calls and wants to see it, pick one or tow days during the week and a specific time (a couple of hours) that you know you'll be home and schedule to show your home at that time. Post this time on a pre-recorded message for when you are away from the phone. Several times a month, schedule a formal "Open House". Set snacks out on a table with full-color flyers. Put up big red "Open House" signs and advertise the open house in the local newspaper and on the internet.

NOTE: During your "Open House", it is important to put your emotions on hold when you are showing your home. Don't get offended if the potential buyer doesn't like your paint choices or kitchen appliances. Make the buyers feel comfortable enough to ask questions otherwise they won't say much and will quietly and quickly exit your home. Ask the buyer a few questions such as "What do you think about the Large Master Bedroom?" or "How do you like the imported Cherry Floors?", or "Did you notice the Double Vanities in the Master Bathroom?". Buyers will ask Real Estate Agents hundreds of questions about a home they are visiting, but they don't want to offend an FSBO seller and may not really get to know your home. So at your next showing, put on your salesman's hat and take off your houseslippers!

Word of Mouth and Social Media

Tell your friends, fellow employees, relatives and members of groups you belong to. A lot of times people haven't given much thought about pursuing another home until they find out that your home in a very ideal location has become for sale. Make sure you post that your home is for sale on your facebook page.

Be sure to print a copy of the FSBO Checklist.

View the following FSBO Tips on to help you sell your home yourself:

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