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For Sale by Owner Checklist


Use this For Sale by Owner Checklist to keep track of all the things you should do to sell your home yourself.

Preparing to Sell

  • Understand The Selling Process Completely. Read books about selling your home, and do some online research.
  • Prepare a reasonable timeline for moving out of your home and into your new home.

Preparing Your House

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  • How's your curb appeal and landscaping?
  • Do you need to paint your front door or entryway
  • Do any rooms need painting or remodeling?
  • How is the carpet, wood floors, vinyl & tile? Do any need to be replaced or professionally cleaned?
  • Reduce clutter, in every room and outside
  • Are all appliances in working order?
  • Are all faucets & toilets in working order?
  • Change any burned out light bulbs to bright white to brighten your home.
  • Clean all windows, inside and outside
  • Make sure all rooms are spotless and organized
  • Decide what items can be sold, given away or thrown away

Know Your Market

Extra Expenses & Costs

  • Are you going to offer a Home Warranty?
  • Are you going to pay a commission to a real estate agent?
  • Are you going to pay any of the Buyer's closing costs?

Pricing Your Home

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  • Conduct your own research of neighborhood homes
  • Get a Comparative Market analysis.
  • Order a Professional Online Appraisal
  • Get a local appraisal by a professional
  • Decide what your "Asking Price" will be and what your "Final Price" will be

Marketing your home or property

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  • Get For Sale by Owner Signs, directional signs, and a flyer box
  • Prepare Real Estate Flyers including photos and all the features of your home
  • Advertise your home on the Internet
  • In a hurry to sell? You may want to advertise your home on the MLS.
  • Advertise your home in your local newspapers. 80% of home sold are purchased by people who already live or work in your area.
  • Decide which days you will show your home to prospective buyers. Usually, the weekend plus one night during the week is best.

Contracts & Legalities

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  • Decide on the Title Company with staff of real estate attorneys
  • Get the required real estate contracts for your state. Read the contracts thoroughly so that you understand them. Ask your real estate attorney if you have any questions.

Negotiating an Offer with the Buyer

  • Read & understand the Buyer's Offer and present a Counter Offer, if necessary
  • Is the Buyer pre-qualified for a loan?
  • Accept the Contract, reject the Contract or prepare a Counter-Offer in Response to the Contract
  • Accept Earnest Money
  • Set Time Frames For Inspections, Financing & Closing

Document Exchange


  • Home Inspection is completed
  • Home Inspection findings/issues are resolved, if necessary
  • Termite Inspection
  • Roof Inspection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Other
  • Inspection findings/issues are resolved, if necessary
  • Home Appraisal Completed for the bank
  • Appraisal findings/issues are resolved, if necessary
  • Survey Is Completed, if necessary
  • Repairs Required By Contract Or Inspections are Completed

Title Company

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  • Open Escrow with your Title Company
  • Deposit Earnest Money with the Title Company
  • Provide Necessary Documents the Title Company
  • Title Search Is Completed
  • Issues with the Title Search are resolved, if necessary
  • Settlement/Closing Date & Time Scheduled. Coordinate a closing date between the four parties: the Title Company, the Seller, the Buyer and the Buyer's Lender.

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