Final Walk Through Inspection Form

Any major changes to the home/property?    
Agreed upon modifications and/or repairs completed?    
Receipts/warranties/guarantees provided by repair contractors?    
Pest control clearance provided?    
Stains, cracks or damage to interior walls, ceilings or floors    
Cracked or broken windows?    
Windows and window latches operate properly?    
Doors and door latches operate properly?    
New stains or leaks at kitchen, bathroom or laundry sinks?    
Interior staircases have safe, secure handrails?    
Smoke Alarms in hallways, on each floor, in each bedroom?    
Kitchen & BathroomsN/AYESNOOTHER
Do Appliances work?    
Cabinets, countertops, sinks or floors damaged?    
Is the System functional?    
Serviced recently?    
Adequate heat/cooling distribution to rooms?    
Light fixtures operate?    
Outlets functional?    
Smoke detectors provided and functional?    
Doorbell operational?    
GFCI outlets at kitchen, bathrooms, exterior and garage?    
GFCI devices functional?    
Dangling or exposed wiring?    
Extension, lamp cord, or zip cord used as permanent wiring?    
Safety check on older fireplaces and chimneys?    
Dampers operational?    
Fire boxes need repair?    
Spark arrestor and rain cap installed?    
Adequate water flow at fixtures and drains?    
Faucet or drain pipe leaks?    
Adequate water pressure?    
Hot water provided?    
Clothes washer and dryer functional?    
Water heater adequately strapped    
Water heater has proper pressure/temperature relief?    
Vehicle doors functional?    
Fire-rated doors provided?    
Automatic door opener reverse properly?    
Fire-rated surfaces at house walls, attic and subfloor areas?    
Indications of dampness or mildew?    
New cracks, paint peeling or other visible defects?    
Trip hazards, cracking in the walkways, driveway, or steps?    
Plants growing on the building?    
Stairway, deck, porch and other railings secure and proper?    
New cracks or indications of retaining wall failure?    
Signs of inadequate surface drainage?    
Openings into the building at trim, flashings, chimneys, etc.?    
Signs of soil movement in areas around building?    
Subfloor Area/BasementN/AYESNOOTHER
Accessible areas dry?    
Indications of new water entry?    
Sump pump operational?    
Indications of new foundation cracking or movement?    
Musty odors or signs of mold or mildew?    
Indications of roof leakage?    
Gutters and downspouts secure?    
Signs of roof surface, flashings, vent or chimney damage?