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Online Budget Calculator Worksheet

Budget Worksheet

This budget calculator with determine your Net Monthly Income which is the amount of income left over after all the expenses have been paid. Hopefully, your Net Monthly Income will be a positive (+) amount.

If your Net Monthly Income is a negative amount (-), then you are spending more than you make and need to make changes in your income, spending or both. Otherwise, you may find yourself in Financial Trouble.

It is beneficial to see your budget on paper because it brings an awareness to your financial footprint. You will be able to uncover spending habits that you may not have realized.

Instructions: Print this worksheet. Add your total income. Add your total expenses. Subtract your expense from your income to determine your net monthly income.


Monthly Income
Your Financial
Paycheck #1 per month $ 2,500
Paycheck #2 per month $ 2,050
Other Income - $ 75
Total Income per month $ 4,625
Monthly Expenses    
Mortgage $ 950
Car Payments $ 600
Loans $ 400
Credit Cards $ 400
Utilities - Gas/Water/Electric $ 275
Phone, Cable & Internet $ 150
Groceries $ 350
Insurance - Auto $ 150
Insurance - Life $ 60
Insurance - Health $ 400
Entertainment $ 250
Gasoline for Cars $ 140
Other Expense - $ 100
Other Expense - $ 100
Other Expense - $ 100
Other Expense - $ 50
Total Expenses $ 4,475
Subtract your "Total Expenses" from your "Total Income". A positive amount is how much is left over. A negative amount is how much you are overspending.
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